My name is Chad Young, and I am proud to be running in District 3 for the Alabama State House of Representatives.

District 3 has been my home for my entire life. I was born and raised in the city of Muscle Shoals. I am married to Heather Young, and my 14-year-old son, Colin, is a student at Muscle Shoals Middle School.

I was accepted into the North Alabama Joint Apprenticeship Program with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union 558. After graduating from the five-year apprenticeship program, I became a journeyman electrician. In that role, I have worked throughout our area in the construction and maintenance industry. I understand the blue-collar working class because I am blue-collar working class.

In 2015, I earned my real estate license and began working with Coldwell Banker Tennessee Valley Realty. The two career hats I wear have given me unique insight into our district’s economy—its industry, development, quality of life, people, and needs.

I was appointed to the Muscle Shoals Planning Commission and have worked hard to balance development with quality of life. I am active in the Shoals Area Realtors Association, and serve on its community involvement and budget committees. I am a member of the Shoals Area Labor Council and I am active in the Muscle Shoals Booster Club.


Why I Am Running

I am running for the State House because I want to build on the great work Representative Marcel Black has done for our region. I want nothing short of the best for the area that we call home. I want the best future for our children, the best job opportunities for our workers, and the best quality of life for our families. Our district has great but unrealized potential. I believe my background, perspective and dedication to working with all people toward our common good can make our district flourish.

We need to ensure paths to success for all of our children. As an electrician, I know the value of skilled trades and the importance of vocational education and apprenticeships for our young people. I will be an advocate for expanding these opportunities for our children.

We need to bring industry to our district so our workers and children do not feel the need to leave to find rewarding jobs elsewhere. As a Realtor, I know the selling points of our district and my entire career has been defined by hard work, meeting deadlines, and sticking to budgets. These qualities make me uniquely qualified to promote our region to businesses and to fight for the improvement of our district.

We need the input of all people and all viewpoints to make the best decisions for our district. As a community and labor leader, I know we can only succeed when we are willing to listen to everyone. I truly know the value of diversity and the importance of respect.

We need compassion and second opportunities for our citizens who falter or encounter unexpected circumstances to allow them to be productive citizens. As a person who has been in recovery for more than eight years, I understand the need for a hand-up, grace, and a second chance. Having this second chance helped me to turn my life around and become the man I am today. All Alabamians deserve the same opportunity to change, to grow, and to thrive. Our state cannot be great if we let our citizens’ potential go to waste.

I want to bring a political outsider’s perspective and a fresh voice to Alabama politics. We need to expect more of our leaders in Montgomery, and I am ready to meet and exceed your expectations—not only for me, but also for our district. It is time to expect great things from District 3!